food store in hudson New York

Brooklyn on the Hudson in New York

Hudson in New York is the cutest little town you ever did see.  I grew up in New York state and I don’t remember anything remotely this pretty in the area.  After a little bit of digging, I found out why.  Hudson is a trendy little town which […]

Gails Artisan Bakery

London Living: Gail’s Artisan Bakery

This month’s London Living theme is about best brunch places.  I remember brunch fondly. I too used to laze in a restaurant with friends on a Sunday Morning over coffee and pancakes.  But that was PK (pre-kids).  Now, those days are a distant memory. We have not given […]

Downtown Manhattan

The Melting Pot in Downtown Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is an excellent place to explore the melting pot history of New York City.  Neighbourhoods such as the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Chinatown and Nolita are all an easy walking distance from each other.  And, the best part?  This historical exploration involves lots of food! […]

chatham shark in the park

Chatham Sharks In The Park

Where do great white sharks spend their summers?  In Chatham on Cape Cod, of course.  The town of Chatham at the ‘elbow’ end of the Cape calls itself the summer home of the great white shark. After 40+ years of being protected as a species, grey seals are […]

Icelandic Horses

Family Fun with Icelandic Horses

Welcome to the show notes for the fifth episode of the Just Go Places Podcast. Episode Five is about a our experience with Icelandic horses on our family trip to Iceland. Summary On our road trip through Iceland, we saw beautiful Icelandic horses everywhere. Not surprising when you […]


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